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Beaulieu Porch is Simon Berry. He released his debut self-titled Beaulieu Porch album in 2012 to a clamour of appreciation and critical praise. It appeared in several ‘Best Of 2012’ lists in magazines and blog sites and was placed at number 5 in an online poll of the best psychedelic albums of the 21st century. The follow up release, “we are beautiful”, is an obliquely autobiographical album of contemporary, orchestral baroque pop-psych songs, full of ambitious arrangements and enduring delights.
“Beaulieu Porch is the work of one man, the multi talented Simon Berry, and judging by this he’s some sort of twisted, psych pop genius.” (The Active Listener)
“…every track is a minor classic, and if you love UK 60’s psych you will adore this.” (Shindig! magazine)
“Beaulieu Porch’s music is more than just a song, or just an album. It’s a journey through a lysergic sound-scape with a scene set by one man. One man who is named Simon Berry, but is heard as Beaulieu Porch.” (Sir Psychs Psychedelic shack)
”If Mozart ever wrote psychedelic music, this is how it would sound.” (The Indie Music Review)
”Like something from the depths of the most brilliant John Lennon acid trip. The guitar tone is undeniable” (Mostly Junkfood)
”Light some incense and let “The Colour 55″ relax your mind. Simon has hit his stride.” (We all want someone to shout for)
” Magical Mystery Tour-esque Brit Psych-Pop” (the OCMD)
”It will all make sense when you listen. Someone’s shredding some dirty guitar.” (Knox Rd)
”The Colour 55 is lush, dreamy, mellotron-fueled psychedelic chamber pop…crescendoing verse, catchy chorus, soaring string section, gracefully meandering lead guitar” (Lucid Culture)
”this is proper Strawberry Fields territory. Think floaty psychedelia, dreamy vocals, extended bizarre codas – the kitchen sink basically. And it is brilliant… ”(popjunkietv)
Beaulieu Porch are with Tillsammans Records. There is more to come…




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