LED ZEPPELIN ! Masterpiece ‘Physical Graffiti’ turns 40 …


Release date: February 23th, 1975

Album: ‘Physical Graffiti’ / a double LP / their sixth studio album, their first for Swan Song Records / 15 songs / 82.15 minutes

Iconic cover(s): the front cover is a heavily doctored photograph of two side-by-side five-story tenement buildings discovered by designer Peter Corriston located at #96 and #98 St. Mark’s Place in New York’s East Village, near Tompkins Square Park. The fourth floors were cropped out entirely to better form a square album cover, and the windows were cut out holes, something similar to what the group had already done with the spinning wheel cover of III. The front cover is a daytime shot, the back cover was taken at night…

Among the tenants who can be seen through the die-cut windows are JFK’s suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, astronaut Neil Armstrong, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, King Kong, the Virgin Mary, Judy Garland and the main cast of The Wizard of Oz, members of Led Zeppelin in drag, their infamous manager Peter Grant, body builder Charles Atlas, the Queen and Laurel & Hardy (info, thanks to Richard Metzger).

Original Rolling Stone Review: Review March 27, 1975

Jimmy Page 40 years later: The Great Rolling Stone Interview

Here’s the landmark album in full (deluxe edition) …

PS 40 40-800

Led zep-800

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