Ladies and Gentlemen… The Caballeros Video Single Launch of ‘Lovesick Casanova’

The world’s most handsome band, those devilish heartbreakers and excellent dressers The Caballeros from Perth, Western Australia, are back with the video launch of the latest single from their eye-gauging rock ‘n’ roll rescue LP ‘Ladies and Gentlemen… The Caballeros‘.

“I’m just a lovesick casanova, wanna invite you over”

Ladies and gentlemen… make no mistake, ‘Lovesick Casanova’ is nitro; it’s a lesson in attitude, in style, and in pure balls out rock ‘n’ roll machismo. And the video makes for the perfect dessert to the full-plated five-star main course. This ain’t your huge plate, tiny meal degustation folks; this is a meaty feast fit for a hedonist.

From the first frame, the entire package oozes with swagger and braggadocio as lead singer and rock ‘n’ roll doctor Handsome Jake England cock-struts into the room and immediately proceeds to adjust the tie of bass player Paul Bovenkirk. Style is everything.

Check out the ‘Lovesick Casanova’ press release here:

Press Release – The Caballeros – Lovesick Casanova Video Single Launch

The Caballeros

We dare you to come watch.
In their traditional band motif of black and white, the shoot kicks into gear with an intro and opening riff that only a kick ass Aussie pub rock band can pull off; think GOD, Bored! and Asteroid B-612 to name but a few. To be truthful, this song -and indeed the band itself- deserves to be mentioned alongside such great names.
The riffage alone makes you wanna drink beer, smoke cigarettes and jump around wildly on a square of worn out sticky carpet. Then Handsome Jake jumps to action with his steely vocals and an oh-so-Caballero set of lyrics that will leave you nodding your head and smirking while also leaving you with a small amount of disquiet. He’s lovesick y’see.
“Like a white light burnin’, burnin’ white hot baby, maybe you just might let me be your white knight tonight”
The video itself is killer. As the camera pans a 360 of the entire soundstage, each and every member of the band thrust their all into a performance that can only transfer to a damn entertaining live setting. This band has stage presence to the extreme.
To put it bluntly kids, do yourselves a favour and get on down to the Indi Bar in Scarborough, WA on Saturday 10th of June at 8pm for the video single launch of this dynamite track. What you’ll get is one giant dose of nitro smackdown rock ‘n’ roll and a live show that you’ll be remembering for a bloody long time. If you can’t make it, if you’re elsewhere in the world, then behold… the beauty of the internet is meant for videos such as this.
Enough talk… ladies and gentlemen, this is The Caballeros.
Grab a copy of the Triple J Unearthed Caballeros debut album Ladies & Gentlemen: The Caballeros on Rhubarb Records now:



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