THE KINKS – Massive Hit ‘WATERLOO SUNSET’ Released 50 Years Ago…

‘Waterloo Sunset’ by THE KINKS

Fifty years ago (5 May 1967) THE KINKS, led by singer/songwriter Ray Davies – a great observer of daily life and an eloquent storyteller – released one of their most famous songs with WATERLOO SUNSET. Years later, in 2010, Davies revealed this secret: “Liverpool is
my favourite city, and the song was originally called ‘Liverpool Sunset’. I was inspired by Merseybeat. I’d fallen in love with Liverpool by that point. On every tour, that was the best reception. We played The Cavern, all those old places, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I had
a load of mates in bands up there, and that sound – not The Beatles but Merseybeat – that was unbelievable. It used to inspire me every time. So I wrote ‘Liverpool Sunset’. Later it got changed to ‘Waterloo Sunset’, but there’s still that play on words with Waterloo. London was home, I’d grown up there, but I like to think I could be an adopted Scouser. My heart is definitely there…”
Now it’s time to dream away…

Ray Davies, now 72, was knighted for services to British music last March
by Prince Charles of Wales at Buckingham Palace in London

And just a couple of weeks ago the living legend released a damn fine solo album titled ‘Americana’. Check it out, Davies still delivers the goods 50 years after one of his band’s greatest hits. Respect!…

RAY DAVIES: Facebook – Short Bio

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