Kaz Mirblouk – New 7″ – Sidestep / Paint Stains

Fans of Kaz Mirblouk‘s last record, the grimey, garage surf of 2016’s “Imitate, Intimidate” may be a little surprised by the cleaned up sound of his new 7″ single “Sidestep/Paint Stains”. But they need not worry, the sunshine and psychedelia are still there.

Released on very limited vinyl from Six Tonnes De Chair Records, these two tracks are the laid back cousin of Mirblouk’s Reatard-esque garage rock. “Sidestep” has a late model Dag Nasty (“Field Day“) vibe to it; the perfect track for practicing your ollie.  “Paint Stains” swirls around in a cloud of psychedelic smoke (if you know what I mean) and could slide right onto side two of Pavement’s “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain“.

Get yours HERE!


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