JUNKYARD CHOIR ! Debut Album – Smoking Hot Blues Rock…


‘Get It On’ – rousing highlight…

Album: ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’
Artist: Junkyard Choir
Who: Mark Woods and Tom Herbert – one half Scottish grit, the other half Caribbean spice…
Base: Brighton, England
In their own words: a musical powerhouse – a stripped-down garage orchestra of guitar and drums, characterised by gritty melodies and commanded by imperious vocals. – blues from south of the borderlands…
In my words: only formed in early 2014 and smoking hot duo Junkyard Choir already deliver their impressive firstborn, titled ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ – dirty blues is their worshiped devil, burning passion is their congenital mainspring – Mark Woods’ voice can split mountains: hardened raucous and continuous hot-spirited – imagine a derailed ‘Woodstock’ Joe Cocker barking the blues – ‘Let Your Love Roll In‘ is the exquisite track to become acquainted with the enormous scope of Woods’ vocal cords – but there is more than just a towering voice – overall the songs are drenched in highly explosive fuel – opening tracks ‘Vaya Con Dias’ and ‘Get It On‘ unveils immediately the Choir’s fiery obsession: mean, merciless, hard rollin’ blues rock performed with hammering power and captivating intensity – fat riffs and groovy hooks are flying all over the record – I’m sure even AC/DC would like to borrow the main riff of ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ – with mid-tempo crackers ‘Hold Fast‘ and ‘Shake Your Tambourine‘ and beautifully appealing ballad closer ‘Sweet Marylou‘ Junkyard Choir prove that their devil’s bible hold many stories – discover and explore the loud sounding sins of these two blues dogs – they will save your soul…

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