Julia Lee’s Party Time (1950)

I recently picked up Julia Lee’s Party Time on a late-night record store scavenge, and it is a scorcher.

Originally released as three seven-inch 45s in 1950 on Capitol, Bear Family reissued all 10 original records last year as a 10-inch on bright colored aqua vinyl, appropriate for the perfect little party that record it is.




Julia Lee is classified as “dirty blues,” because her biggest hits fall in that vein of risqué blues tunes peppered with double entendres that lie just this side of overtly sexual.

Though Julia Lee’s popularity was fleeting, and mostly stuck in the late 40s, she still played gigs around her native Kansas City until her early death in 1958. Oh, to have lived in KC in the ’50s and seen her perform live. At least now we have her songs reissued and readily available. It’d be a shame to think of such a strong talent fading into total obscurity.


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