Italian electronic synth-wave duo – Meet , A Copy For Collapse


A Copy for Collapse “Grey Sunday”
Directed by Andrea Corsini

A Copy For Collapse “No Failure”
Directed by Valentina Dell’Aquila

Time for some electronic synth-wave all the way from Italy. Trying to spread the love around to different styles , a little outside of my wheelhouse, but if you’re looking for a soundtrack to help dance the night away , A Copy For Collapse may just be the ticket for you, full of groovy beats and dreamy images. Give a listen , expand your horizons a little, it’s good for the soul.

“As if Bowery Electric spent a chilled weekend in company with Mouse on Mars, Squarepusher and Bonobo with Boards of Canada serving up the drinks. A truly intoxicating cocktail!” – The Record Stache

FOR FANS OF: Love and Rockets (Hot Trip to Heaven), M83 (for ‘No Failure’), Bowery Electric, Mouse on Mars, Boards of Canada, Telefon Tel Aviv

Interview with Daniele Raguso of A Copy For Collapse

Hi our name is….

A Copy For Collapse

Our sound is……

a mixture of wave (minimal/cold/chill) and shoegaze attitude with

dance influences

We are…..

Daniele and Aria (together synth and voice)

We are from…….

Southern Italy. Now we live in two different cities – Bari and

Naples (both in Southern Italy).

Who are some artists that have influenced you?

We listen to many kinds of music; anyway, we like artist as M83, Telefon Tel Aviv,

Boards Of Canada and many minimal/cold/new-wave stuff…It’s natural that this music has

influenced our sound.

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the


I started playing piano when I was 6 years old, I studied it for many years; during

my youth I played with some friends as fun (I have always played the synth) and

before ACFC I played in a solo-project called Punture d’Insetto (influenced by

industrial-dub music as Scorn, Dalek, Techno Animal)

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way

through getting the songs out?

There’s not a regular way when we’re writing songs: sometimes we start from a

synth-refrain or drum loop and we construct the song from simple but concrete ideas.

After composition, we mix in a professional studio and master in similar way. We are

only musicians, for good quality it’s better that someone else works with us.

What are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you

overcome those challenges

Challenges are acceptable when they’re constructive; some people like our music,

some others don’t it, it’s ok! We prefer challenges that help us in our artistic


1st rock concert you went to and age
I remember when I was 18 years old, I saw

a little nu-metal band near my town. I don’t remember their name 🙂

Coolest band t-shirt you ever bought… Midnight City – M83

The most insane concert you ever went to or were a part of….


Neubauten, one of the most important contemporary band.

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

Probably, Washed Out, we like them so much!

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him…


you’re a musician, playing music is the best thing; express yourself with your music!

Your thoughts on the state of indie music in 2015…..

Many interesting artists but

at the same time many bands with only hype…

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?…..

We’ll play in Italy and we’re planning

for European Tour. We hope to play in USA or Japan too 🙂

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