Introducing The Carries – A Few Questions With Kimmy

A few days ago one of our favorite bands changed their name from Beach Day to The Carries. Wanting to know a little more about the details of this name change we asked Kimmy a few questions. As soon as the new music is up and ready we will bring those to you.

A Few Questions With Kimmy
I see that you’re changing the name of your band from Beach Day to The Carries , why the change?

Well our lineup has changed, the sounds have changed and I have definitely changed as a writer. I thought it was time for a fresh new start! And on the first day of Spring no less! How lucky is that?

Looks like you’ve added someone to the mix of you and Skyler , who is your new member and can you tell us a little of his background?

Our bassist is a really cool guy named Connor Lawhorne. We met at a show back in 2012! He was in an Orlando garage band we would play with all the time. We all became really good friends. It was a natural progression that we would end up playing together as we all love the same music! Now he’s the writer/guitarist/singer in his own psychedelic folk band Pasty Cline and our beloved bassist.

Does the change in name bring a change in direction of band sound .

Yes somewhat! But you know what they say – you can take a girl away from the beach but you can’t take the beach out of the girl! I guess that sums up who I am as a guitarist and writer. I just love playing surf/garage inspired guitar riff and solos.
The sound is just a little more polished. And there are strings! Which I love.

Looks like you have new songs ready to go, what are your plans for an album or singles looking like for the rest of 2017.

We have about 6 songs completed waiting to be mixed.
Our first single is all ready to go! It’s called Runaway With You. We literally had zero dollars to go into a recording studio. We really didn’t know how we were going to continue as a band without the ability to record new songs,” says Kimmy. “So I sold my Imac to a friend in Nashville which actually funded our trip to Denver to record a few songs with our friends Jeff and Kelly Cormack of the band South of France. They asked us to come up and record for free in their home studio. We were super excited to be able to create new songs! It was kismet. I wrote the song here alone at home then Skyler and I spent a long time working out the drums and instrumentation. It’s co-produced by myself and Jeff Cormack,” says Kimmy. “The song is about escaping the negative and rising above anything that tries to keep you stagnant. A very poignant thought at that moment in my life. It’s been two years since we released anything new so we’re extremely excited to release this to the world!:”

Anything you want to add about the change in band name that I didn’t ask about ?

The name is inspired by the movie Carrie. Her character was an outcast in every sense of the word! Even at home. I guess my goal is for all the “Carries” of the world to feel included and not outcast! To know that they’re not alone.

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