Interview With Kareña K and Out Today… This Wild Heart – EP (Bonus Video Version)


We are very pleased to have this interview with Kareña K coinciding with the release of her EP, “This Wild Heart” Just an all around beautiful sound. After you’ve finished reading the interview head on over to bandcamp and add this EP to your collection . If your looking for a rating, let’s call it Outstanding!!

Hi, My Name is….Kareña K

My sound might best be described as …..Blue Eyed Soul

Can you give us a little background info on the life and times of Karena, Some of the different projects you have been involved with during the last few years.

I’ve been in music in some form or another all my life. For the last 4 years I’ve been working on multiple recording projects with Wily Bo Walker, including ‘Moon Over Indigo’, WBW’s forthcoming solo album, which involves some of the finest musicians from across the globe.

Four very well received singles from the project have already been released, the latest of which is Walk In Chinese Footsteps released July 2013.

Wily Bo and I are also working on a joint project with the first four tracks ‘Angels In The Night’,(also featuring me on soprano sax), ‘Did I Forget’, ‘Long Way To Heaven’ and latest swing noir track ‘Rendezvous Des Cheminots’ receiving a lot of positive press.

I also perform with mad cap festival favourites, ‘Rattlin Bone’, as backing vocalist/second lead and backing vocal arranger. The début album ‘The Life and Death Of…’ was released in 2011 and we’re currently working on the second album.

Currently I’m in the middle of recording backing vocals/keyboards for The Mescal Canyon Troubadours début album.

Midnight Walk and Temptation Eyes, from my forthcoming solo album have both been getting tons of airplay and great reviews.

I’ll be performing live with my own band, plus The MCT and our very swampy duo, The Blue Valentines, in 2014!

Can you tell us a little about your EP , what inspired you do a solo , what was the process like and any plans for touring in support of the EP.

I’ve always been a songwriter, since I was a child, but although I’d recorded many demos over the years I never had the opportunity to record anything properly until I started working with Bo again; he is the one that suggested I record an album and has so far made it possible. Hopefully my fans will help me to keep on recording.

It’s been great to turn ideas into reality, with some fantastic musicians on the two current tracks and Bo’s outstanding production.

In all honesty, if someone had told me 5 years ago that anything of mine would be recorded/produced at such a high level, released and being played and requested on radio stations all over the world, alongside mainstream artists, I’d have laughed it off.

Jan 7th sees the release of a special edition EP, on Bandcamp, which features Midnight Walk, Temptation Eyes, plus a d’load of the new video, courtesy of Sheldon Snow and booklet. I’m hoping that fans of my work will buy it so I can continue to record the rest of the album. I’d love to release the whole album on vinyl eventually but I need to have the funding behind me to do that.

I’m currently rehearsing up my own small band to do some pared down versions of my songs on the live circuit, so will be announcing live dates from March onward hopefully.

For fun I like to… movies, see live bands, travel, read, eat out and shop, when I can afford it.

When making your EP was there any albums that you looked to for inspiration?

I don’t use other people’s albums for inspiration to write, I write what comes to me in the moment. I’m obviously influenced by the vast amount of music I’ve listened to and loved over my lifetime but I write from the heart so it’s a different process. On the production/arrangement side yes, Bo and I wanted to take that in the direction of the classic Walker Bros/Spector wall of sound. Not easy to achieve without the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, but I’m very pleased with the initial two tracks and the response to them has been overwhelming.

Some of my all time favorite albums to listen to…..Now this is a list that changes from week to week, and depends on my mood but my stalwart ‘go to’ albums that I never tire of are probably these-

Rickie Lee Jones – self titled début album and Pirates, (I love all her work, but those two I go back to again and again); Stevie Nicks- Belladonna, or any of her albums; Tom Waits – Closing Time, Bone Machine; Fleetwood Mac – Rumours, Tusk; Maria McKee’s début solo album; anything Steely Dan; Billie Holiday – Lady In Satin; Chris Isaaks- Wicked Game; R.E.M – Monster and in my madder moments The Fleshtones, Cramps and B52s get a hammering! There are so many more that it would be a never ending list, so I shall leave it there.

My plans for 2014…. There is a mountain of recording on the cards for the albums I’m already involved in. I’m also hoping to be doing a lot more live work, with my own band as well as with The Blue Valentines and Mescal Canyon Troubadours and hopefully a lot more session work/tours. I would like to get another few tracks done for my album too but that is time and funds dependent, so watch this space!

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