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Savoy Motel
Coming across hot music here on 50thirdand3rd is nothing new, but sometimes we hit the nail on the damn head and introduce some really refreshing music that knocks your socks right off. Recently we had the single “Hot One” by Savoy Motel as our video of the day and we wanted more. Savoy Motel is an underground rock band here in Nashville with sounds taking you back to the 70’s with their funky upbeat style and yet its an energizing take on the music of today. They seem to channel this nostalgic energy and present it to us in a very stylish and cool fashion. Savoy Motel It all started when Jeffrey Novak formed this new project with Jessica McFarland, both in another band at the time. Joining up with Mimi Galbierz and Dillon Watson made the quartet complete. So I chatted with writer/producer/bassist Jeffrey Novak and asked him for the more, here is what he had to say…

– Savoy Motel is?

Mimi Galbierz, Jessica McFarland, Jeffrey Novak and Dillon Watson.

– When you started SM is this the sound you were going for, that 70’s style, funky upbeat mix?

Jeff: No, when we started Savoy Motel we thought of ourselves more as a conceptual/experimental group. We were trying to combine different 20th century genres in an original way. Our sound has just evolved over the past two years.

– Who writes the songs? What is your process for making a new single?

Jeff: I’ve written the lion’s share of the material so far, but everyone brings something to the table. The process we like to follow involves spending the least amount of time possible writing the song and the longest amount of time we can afford recoding the song piece by piece until it’s perfect.

– What is a band practice like for SM?

Jeff: Relaxed and productive. Usually on a Sunday.

– What can we expect to be on your upcoming album?

Jeff: Our debut album will include our out-of-stock single “Hot One” b/w “Souvenir Shop Rock,” plus six new songs we mixed last summer.

– What is your favorite place to watch live music in Nashville?

Jeff: Personally, I really dig Queen Ave. We played a fantastic show there last year opening for Cheater Slicks that was better than The Stones at LP Field!

– What is the best thing about being an underground rock band in Nashville?

Jeff: I honestly can’t say much. Nashville’s a very competitive industry driven city, and underground rock has always suffered here for that reason.

Savoy Motel

A big thanks to Jeffrey Novak for this interview. Check out their website for more info on the band.

Photos from YouTube, Consequence of Sound and Nashville Scene

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