HUGGY BEAR – “Our Voltage” (Peel Session) – Record of the Day

Here is Brighton, UK riot punks Huggy Bear and their tune “Our Voltage”, recorded on John Peel’s program, 16 May 1993.
Seeing as they aren’t being reissued at all, they do have an impressive online presence, largely because they meant a lot to young women and queer punx in the early to mid 90’s. They played an all woman show with Hole in 93, and toured with and released records with Bikini Kill. They were contemporaries, but it seems like culturally, from a distance, it’s hard to tell that.

Kim Gordon said they were more “interesting” musically than some of their counterparts. They were featured on the cover of Melody Maker for causing a near riot on UK music and variety program, The Word. They were Britain’s last great punk rock hope. They spoke of queerness, alienation, and radical feminism. Their record covers glorified and revered “whores” and “black radicals”. I lifted the title of this obscure song by them for a comp i’m working on. A nod and a wink to band that had a way with words and poetry. I hope that if any Huggy Bear members are getting in the way of reissues that they will reconsider, as there are still alienated queer kids and young women whose lives could be changed and empowered through their art, and they shouldn’t have to be wealthy to procure artifacts on discogs or ebay. I don’t know that this is what is happening, I just find it curious that their hasn’t been reissues for a band that was so culturally impactful.

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