Hello Kidney : a ‘Precious’ Reunion for a Good Cause in Orlando, FL

Precious is/was a band based in Orlando during the late 90’s through the early 00’s. With a sound steeped in many rock music elements of the time (fat guitar sounds and pop melodies, with punk and grunge overtones) it really is a surprise to me that these guys aren’t rich as hell, living in LA off of any number of their songs (or either of their two albums) that could have made them MTV sensations on the level of Third Eye Blind or Blink-182 (two bands who exploded onto the MTV scene around the same time). In my opinion, Precious had just as much, if not loads more talent then the aforementioned bands. Such is life sometimes. And, in any case, fuck MTV’s elitist standards! We all know what was really going under that supposed “pro youth culture” disguise they meticulously draped over their own selfish interests. I digress.

Fame or no fame, the music is all that matters, and Precious rocked the Orlando scene! Towards the end of their run as a band in 2003, lead singer/guitarist Steve Garron began to experience kidney problems, leading to kidney failure later that year. This unfortunately lead to the band having to break it off so that Garron could work on getting well again. Since then he has been living with kidney disease (segmental glomerulosclerosis), but has still continued to work on music. Between 2010 and 2011, he released an album for another project , Potsie, with fellow Orlando rockers Erin Nolan (bass/vox) and Dana Fasano (drums). However, Garron’s kidney disease continued to take a toll on his body and spirit. Recently he decided to put his name on the list for a Kidney Transplant. Unfortunately, the cost for such a procedure (as many of you, I’m sure, are aware) isn’t chump change.

Partly due to a suggestion from Potsie bandmate, Nolan, as well as other friends, Garron decided to get Precious back together for a 10 year Reunion show on November 10th in order to help raise funds for his kidney transplant. That show is tomorrow, and if you happen to be in the Orlando area, I highly recommend making your way down to it! In addition to supporting a good cause, you’ll be able to see a staple of Orlando’s music scene hitting the stage once again. At the show there will also be an art raffle for some very special pieces done by Orlando artist Patrick Fatica, and Precious will also be selling a limited (only 50 being made!) edition box set including both their studio albums, a live DVD, cd of rare and unheard music, and an assortment of Precious memorobilia (fliers, promo photos, stickers, emails, etc.).

If you’d like to make a donation to help the cause, just visit www.stevegarron.com and click the link.

The show again is Sunday November 10th @ Will’s Pub (1042 N. Mills Ave.) in Orlando Florida. Show starts @ 9pm.

Below I’ve provided band camp links to their two full albums, as well as Garron’s album with Potsie.

Precious by precious

Whatever Sinks Your Ship by precious

Potsie by Potsie

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