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So who am I, what do I like to listen to and what lies ahead for me as a writer at 50thirdand3rd? It’s all quite simple really. This will be the absolute only post about me, promise! So, there is that:) I am from and currently still reside in Nashville. This city is truly beautiful and exciting, but also humble and wholesome. It has made me who I am today. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by music and singing, maybe taking for granted those front porch singing nights with family and friends. So, I did the college thing. I even have a degree in science… SCIENCE people! That degree was put to use, but something was missing and I was not happy. So, I began to write again. Music was always my companion and always something I was passionate about. The words seem to flow from my mind as I listen at times, when the song provokes it of course. So here I am, peekaboo!


The music you will see me post about will typically be new music mostly alt-rock, jam bands, indie, folk, blues, occasionally some EDM, bluegrass, hip-hop, and Disco… Okay, that last one was just to make sure you were still paying attention! Not that there is anything wrong with disco, don’t worry. I love me some Boogie Nights!

What lies ahead for me is up to you really… So be gentle haha. Leave me some feedback on what you would like to hear about from Nashville! The shows you want me to see and the artists you want to know about, I need to know! Please follow me @bloggingjess on twitter or Facebook as I find new music and artists to write about and get their music heard!


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I am a Nashville girl who loves any kind of music you can throw her way! If I can write about that experience, you will see my passion.

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