Happy Birthday !

This is not the place to talk about your mother’s 82th birthday. But I’m gonna do it anyway. Because my mother is in many ways very special to me: not only she gave birth to 5 sons and 1 daugther… but most of all she always defended me against my father regarding my musical taste and accompanying ‘rebel’ attitude. As a little kid, under influence of an older cousin (bless his soul), I heard for the first time ‘guitar’ music: Buddy Holly, The Shadows, then The Beatles & The Stones… And I was the only one in the family who liked this ‘wild’ music. In my father’s opinion this ‘loud’ music could affect my future and my career (damn, I was 6 years old!). I will not bore you with the story of me playing the Sex Pistols ‘Bollocks’ album at full volume to enoy my father (and some of my brothers). Anyway my mother was always there to support me… the rock ‘n roll sheep of the family. She even sponsored, behind everybody’s back, my trips to London (when I was a poor student) in the mid-seventies (to dive into the punk scene there). This afternoon at her birthday family diner I told her about 50thirdand3rd (“you know, Jean-Luc, we all dreamed about America when we were young” she said in a naive ‘I missed something in my life’ way and I know she has no regrets, but she would rather had be born in a later generation) and I promised her to do a post about her beloved artist she introduced to me when I was a snotnose. A genuine, unique artist with an ‘out-of-this-world’ voice. Frank and Elvis are up there, but for me and my mum the ‘Big O’ (less glamour, less star, but more real human drama in his songs and in his personal life) still is on the highest step…

Here’s my and my mother’s all-time Roy Orbison favourite (Nick Cave even covered it)… ‘Running Scared’. This is a live performance from 1982 (Austin, Texas)… the final reprise he does in this live rendition is just A.W.E.S.O.M.E. …

If you want to hear more… here is the famous ‘Black and White Evening’ concert in the Ambassador Hotel’s Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Los Angeles in 1987 (approximately fourteen months before his death). Roy was backed by an Allstar band (Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Jennifer Warnes, Bonnie Raitt…) but he was the ‘only the lonely’ one…



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