28 July 2016

THE GLÜCKS are a merciless Belgian hit team who scream and shout like unwanted children fabricated at a wild sex orgy organised by The Stooges with The Cramps & Babes In Toyland among the horny guests. They grew up between walls of decibels and now seek revenge for their ear-deafening childhood. Beware, they behave like a freakish garage blues version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Off stage they smile at you, on stage they CUCUCU you before you can ask ‘what the hell is going on here?’. I know exactly how it feels. I experienced the incantation. Here are the noisy kids…

Hey you!
What are you trying to be
Hey you!
Why are you looking at me
You like? You like what you see?
Your personality, is it for free?

CuCu-Cu-CuCu-Cu-CuCu Cool! x2

Hey you!
Product of society
Hey you!
Mr. teenage lobotomy
Please look, please look at me
You personality, is it for free?

CuCu-Cu-CuCu-Cu-CuCu Cool ! x4

Are you you?
Are you just too cool?

Spreading the fever in my hometown Ghent (Belgium)…

THE GLÜCKS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

You want to experience their life madness too? Alright, at your own risk…

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