Get Loaded With PRIMAL SCREAM! Masterpiece SCREAMADELICA Turns 25!

‘Screamadelica’ by PRIMAL SCREAM

Released 23 September 1991


SCREAMADELICA , the third album by Scottish, musical chameleons PRIMAL SCREAM
is an essential record that everybody who loves sonic adventures knows, adores and got/gets intoxicated by in one way or another. An euphoria fueled magnus dance opus shaped by an – at the time – desperate band that wanted something else, that wanted to kick rock & roll and all related boogie woogie in the ass with brand new shoes. No more booze poisoned macho tunes. Acid house, techno, and the resurrection of psychedelic soul colored and injected the newborn soundtrack of twenty-four drugs spiced, mostly illegal, dance parties all over town when the eighties turned into the fabulous nineties. What blew me away back then, when that stunning LP came out, was the tremendous inventiveness of creating something inspiring out of what was happening musically in daily nightlife. First-class trippy excursions with an ecstatic impact. As we all know experimental producer Andrew Weatherall was an essential factor in that magic turnover process. Hail to him and hail to the Scream gang for taking him on board. Enough analyzing already. We’re here to celebrate awesome-mind-heart-soul-and-body-pleasing symphonies that still shine brightly after 25 years. Wait, just this one last reflection. Only one day after Screamadelica saw the day of light, Nirvana released their million seller breakthrough classic. But to be honest I never minded that much about that album, never did actually. I was too busy getting into PRIMAL SCREAM… forever! Yes, I just wanted to come together and go downtown, not to fight it but feel it, and get loaded while movin’ on up, higher than the sun and shine like stars. Then and now. Let’s start the rave again with some unbeatable highlights…




Time to slip the full birthday ecstasy into this house
before I’m coming down and get damaged…

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The Scream – 1991…


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