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The Blind Shake are one of my most played Bands of the last year. I love everything they put out, it all makes you dance like a madman and that is the fun of rock ‘n’ roll. They combine that crazy boy punk with the utter insanity of screaming guitars and some funky noises. Whoever thinks rock is in a state of decline is out of their minds. The Blind Shake are here, they are the sound of today, turn that shit up and have a blast and make sure you buy their records ,and be sure to pre-order this new one from Slovenly , they sound even better on the turntable…. this is from Slovenly Recordings, Bandcamp

Slovenly Recordings is hyped as hell to announce our inevitable teaming with Minneapolis, MN bald headed freaks THE BLIND SHAKE. This intense trio led by The Brothers Blaha (Jim and Mike, plus drummer / brother from another Dave Roper) has been plowing through massive waves of reverberation since 2003, releasing a heap of deep records along the way, including a few collaborations with legendary space-punk Michael Yonkers – check his essential “Microminiature Love” collection on De Stijl / Sub Pop for the cold hard truth.

Taking a more melodic approach than on previous releases, this 9 cut “Fly Right” 12inch EP is another sonic hurdle for the band, steadily alternating between bold, phaser heavy garage-punk wail (“Tar Paper,” “Holy Road”), trippy spaghetti-western tinged surf (“A Clock, A Window, A Pyramid,” “Diamond Days”) and viscerally dramatic scare tactics (title track “Fly Right”). The Blind Shake has forged a unique concept with their bizarre visual assault, combined with instigating on-stage behavior and a virtually bottomless well of haunting songs that all seem to draw from a specific pinpoint of punk rock twang, and have concocted another hypnotic document for an unworthy world.


releases 14 April 2015

Slovenly Recordings 2015

dig this…..

We are….. Mike Blaha (baritone guitar and vocals), Jim Blaha (guitar and vocals), Dave Roper (drums)

And our sound might be best described as….an old man tumbling down a steep hill on his riding lawn mower.

We are originally from….. apes

some that have had an influence on our sound….. Michael Yonkers, Vaz, Coachwhips, Hot Snakes,

what do you think about the state of rock ‘n’ roll in 2015……
in Minneapolis, it seems like the shows are always well attended for rock ‘n’ roll bands (or the million offshoots of rock ‘n’ roll). Many of the youngsters like the softer stuff, but if you look at them, they’re a softer breed. Sippin’ 1,000 calorie drinks before, during, and after each meal. This country is one big caffeinated Dairy Queen. But the newer youngsters, just getting the facial hair,–they seem hungry, and treats aren’t enough. Their A.D.D brains want intense music. There is hope.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………we finally agreed on a band name

Are you still having fun? Absolutely. Check out this emoticon 🙂

Can you tell us a little on how the new album came to be, ideas behind it, the process of writing lyrics and music and your plans for touring in 2015… The new album “Fly Right” started out as a 7″…we sent slovenly a handful of songs to pick and they picked them all and talked about the idea of adding more and turning it into an actual lp. The common theme behind these songs are instant gratification. All of these songs were homeless home recordings. As far as touring in 2015 we are starting it off with a European tour (our first time over there) and some other international tours are in the works.

Our craziest gig ever was….we played an animal shelter while they were putting dogs down. It was horrible! Nobody there. Bad idea from the beginning.

What we are currently listening to…. Suicide.

For fun we like to….. drive at night with our lights off as long as we can to see who can go the longest. Dave has the record with 4 minutes and fifteen seconds.

our hopes for 2015… Europe and meet lots of new bands and fans!!

get a preview of the new album… 4 songs…

Pre-Order Now

here are some tunes from the last album…
you can get this album from….Goner Records

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