Fuzzy Garage Jams for Fans of Thee Oh Sees……..Meet, Wett Nurse


Let’s just call this ..Garage Rock Wednesday , Wett Nurse is killing it with their new EP out on Ongakubaka Records.” Hissy Fit” establishes Wett Nurse as Band to be reckoned with , a whole lot of fuzz, got the organ going on , yep , it’s all there for you to go ahead and blast away, turn that shit up and jam to the power of Wett Nurse. Cool stuff!!

Hi our name is….

Wett Nurse

People say we sound like…..

Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and other garage bands that people know about

We are…
Matthew Lynch, Anastasia Greer, Matt Bullock, Chris Hoganson

We are from…….

Marquette Michigan formerly, we relocated to Portland Oregon a few months ago.

Who are some that have an influence on you

The Monks, Chrome, Thee Oh Sees, The Sonics, The Intelligence, Wild Animalz, the Kinks

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the band

When the band started about 4 years ago it was just Anastasia playing drums and myself (Matthew) playing guitar (and organ on the recordings). I was 22 and Anastasia was 19. After that we had a ton of different people in the band. Currently though it is Anastasia on organ and vocals, Matt Bullock on bass, Chris Hoganson on drums and I play guitar and sing

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the songs out

Typically I will record a lot of short ideas on a 4 track with guitar and drums and then forget about them for a while. Eventually I will listen to the tape and if any of them still sound good to me I will have Anastasia write organ parts for them, and that usually leads to rearranging them so they make sense, and we will write some lyrics that are usually based off of science fiction novels or horror movies. Then we work out the song with a full band and try it out at a show or something and if people seem to like it we will expand on it and eventually get around to recording a final version. Most of our songs were written like that.

what are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you overcome those challenges

When we were living in Michigan it was the distances we would have to travel to play shows. Marquette is very isolated, and there aren’t many venues. It’s typically an eight hour drive in any direction to get to the closest major city. We got around that by playing a lot of house shows and touring.

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it ….

Matthew- The Detroit area in the late 80’s early 90’s for the noise bands and the garage/punk bands.

Anastasia- Paris in the early 1960’s for the Ye-Ye music movement.

Matt – Hamburg in 1961 to see the Beatles play strip clubs while high on speed.

Who are all of you currently listening to ….

Matthew-Gravitar, X, Mattress, D’Angelo and the Vanguards new album, Polvo, New Order, Scratch Acid

Anastasia- Big Sean, Donnie and Joe Emerson, Mazzy Star, Enya

Matt- Nick Lowe, the Replacements, The Bangles

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

Mosquito Bandito, because we haven’t played a show with him in a real long time and I miss that guy.

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him…

Matthew-Go watch local bands

Anastasia- don’t be a jerk to your parents

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us….

no matter what you do, you are always tasting.

Our plans for 2015…..

We would like to spend more time writing and recording. We will probably play a few shows also, but mostly we would like to work on newer things.

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