Fuzzy and Reverb-soaked Garage pop with heaps of harmonies…..Meet , September Girls


What I truly dig about September Girls is the 60s’ vibe that runs like a rip tide through these tracks. The music is excellent, dreamy, pop surrounded by big sounds and sweet vocals. The title of this “Fuzzy and Reverb-soaked Garage pop with heaps of harmonies” about sums up the rest of the overall sound. Without a doubt this album moves into a “Best debut of 2014″ category” . This is the kind of new music that you can just get lost in, the harmonies lure you in and the next thing you know, you’ve listened to the album three times without taking a break. I’m going to copy Shindig Magazine star system, 5 being the highest and for the 1st time here at 50thirdand3rd, I am going to rate an Album.” Cursing The Sea ” by September Girls is an easy 4. They combine some classic sounds and make it new, I love the newness that’s created all through this gem. Listen to them, it will be time well spent and look for September Girls to make more than just my end of year best of list.

Meet, September Girls

Hi my name is….
Jessie from September Girls

People say we sound like…..

Girl group melodicism buried under a wall of noise and reverb, backed with thudding Mo Tucker beats.

We are…

Caoimhe on guitar, Jessie on guitar, Lauren on keys, Paula on bass and Sarah on drums

We are originally from…..
We all live in Dublin, although only Caoimhe and Paula are from here originally. Sarah is from Waterford, Lauren is from near Philadelphia and I’m from California.

Who are some that have an influence on your sound??

We all have different influences, but it’s safe to say collectively we like The Breeders, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Cure, Love, My Bloody Valentine and Phil Spector.

The first time we met was…..

We all met separately, but the first time the five of us got together was in September 2011 – when we brought Sarah in to rehearse having poached her from another band!

We knew we were going to be a Band…

We had all been in various other bands before… but when the five of us got together for the first time it all made sense.

Books we recommend …
Lolita by Nabokov is my favourite book, or if you like non-fiction I recommend ‘Rip It Up And Start Again’ by Simon Reynolds – It’s a complete history of pop music.

Our craziest gig ever was….

Our album launch in our home town of Dublin wasn’t crazy as such, but we had an overwhelming show of support. We had to turn away a huge queue of people at the door, we couldn’t believe so many people got behind us.

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….

For me it would have to be around 1964 – either New York or London. There was still an innocence in pop music but it was starting to change and get interesting.

Growing up, at home I listened to…..
My parents were huge Beatles and Motown fans so I heard a lot of that, but 90s alternative and punk also set the scene for my musical taste.

What tunes are on heavy rotation for you…

At the moment we’ve just finished mixing our new 4 track EP (due for release in October) so to say those songs are on repeat would be an understatement.

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

Personally I’d love to open for The Horrors, their latest album is growing on me and I adore Primary Colours.

When you are touring and have some time off, where could we find you…
Our free-time on tour is usually spent being tourists, visiting such luminous sites as The Angel of The North, the Salford Lads Club… or the pub.

The one thing to remember while listening to us
We’re not as depressed as the subjects in our songs make us sound.

listen to September Girls….

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