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Today we do a “Meet The Band ” with , The Valkarys. This is well worth your time, trust me, this is some really cool stuff , harmonica’s’, harmonies , driving guitars and all as honest as their answers to the questions. I find myself listening to every word waiting to hear what they have to sing about next, the music surrounding the lyrics is just full of surprise’s, love the cowbell. The Valkarys are not afraid to change it up , one song might take you back to the early days of rock and the next tune , you’re tripping through space full of all things psychedelic. This is a talented bunch and a Band we should all be paying serious attention to. And make sure you give a listen to the new Album (Just Like) Flying With God , excellent the whole way through!!

Hi our name is….

The Valkarys

our sound is……

We play psychedelic music and garage music. It differs from song to song. Some are very psychedelic and some are more psychedelic pop. And others are straight ahead garage rock songs.

We are…

Scott Dunlop

Sarah Ross

Craig Birrell

Kier Lavin

Colin Brennan

Wayne Hoy

We are from…….

Bonnie Scotland. The capital. Edinburgh

Who are some that have an influence on you
Elvis, Dylan, the Beatles, oasis, the verve, velvet underground, BJM etc

I was 15 when oasis came out and it was life changing. I saw them on the TV at Glastonbury. I bought a guitar 2 days later.

How old were all of you when you started to play and who plays what in the band.

I started this band around 2006, but I had been playing guitar since I was fifteen.

I play guitar and sing.

Sarah sings and does percussion.

Craig and kier play guitar. Lead and rhythm.

Colin plays bass and Wayne is the drummer.

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the songs out

It usually starts with me playing chords on an acoustic and coming up with a melody line. Then I start with the lyrics. When I’m happy with what I have I’ll take it to the band and we will play it through so everyone can get parts. Sometimes I have the guitar parts in my head but more often than not Craig will come up with the lead parts. And Kier does too, now that he’s back in the band. We will just play it and get it sounding right. Then we play it at shows for a while.

what are some of the challenges you face as musicians and how have you overcome those challenges

Being poor is probably the greatest one. But we are rich in soul and that is all that matters to be honest.

1st concert you went to and age….

Bootleg Beatles in Edinburgh when I was 13. I still go every year to see them when they’re in town.

coolest band t-shirt you ever bought…

I’m not really into tshirts mate. I’m a shirt kind of guy

the most insane concert you ever went to or were a part of….

Oasis at murrayfield year 2000. Dunno what it holds but it must be at least 60,000. It was summer, great memories.

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

Brian Jonestown Massacre. I love this band. I got into them by accident. I had went to see BRMC in Glasgow and BJM were the support. I loved them instantly. I ended up hanging out with Anton drinking whisky. He gave me the “tepid” album of theirs. What a great record. I would love to open up for them.

My youngest son is 13 and in a Band, what advice would you offer him…

Get the right people around you in the band. Don’t be afraid to make changes if it’s not working. If someone isn’t pulling their weight, get rid of them and get someone else. Be true to yourself. Don’t let promotors rip you off. Put your own nights on. Network with other bands. NEVER PLAY A STRAT. Above all else, have fun. Being in a band is the greatest thing in the world. Apart from playing centre forward for Hibernian FC.

your thoughts on the state of music in 2015…..
Dull, uninspiring. Safe. People are raving about temples and bands like that. I listened to a record of theirs. It’s rubbish. About 2 good songs and the rest is filler. What happened to bands bringing out records and every song was brilliant? I’m not into anyone new. I listen to old stuff.

Our plans for the rest of 2015…..

The plan for the rest of this year is to keep promoting the new record “(Just Like) Flying With God” that came out in April and to tour the UK. We’re setting up dates just now.

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