Fringe Factory Radio Show! New Episode: Listen now!

The Fringe Factory Radio Show (original air-date June 18th 2014) is now available for your listening pleasure!!

The Fringe Factory Radio Show -June 18, 2014 by The Fringe Factory on Mixcloud

AND here’s this weeks playlist, additional track info and links to where you can get the music!


Tiger! Tiger!: Amnesiac’s Dream – from Atlanta, Georgia. 2012 release on Pygmy Records

The Second Helping: Let Me In – from 1966. Can be found on the “Ain’t It Hard! Garage & Psych From Viva Records” on Sundazed Records

The Puppets: Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore – from their 1966 Red Rooster 45. It can also be found on Girls In The Garage #1.

The Frowning Clouds: Mean Old Girl – from Australia, off their Listen Closelier LP (2010) on Saturno Records” target=”_blank”>Saturno Records

The Fleshtones: Cara-Lynn – from Blast-Off (1978)

The Avengers: Be A Caveman – 1965. Can be found on Pebbles #3, Best of Pebbles #1 and Garage Punk Unknowns # 1.

Hot Poop: Let Me Loose – from their LP Does Their Own Stuff (1971).

The Phantom Keys: Gloria’s Nightmare
– 2012 out of Spain on Folc Records

The Cords: Ain’t That Love – from 1969. Can be found on Sixties Rebellion #15.

White Lightening: Screaming Double Eagle – Can be found on the compilation of White Lightening tracks.

Acid Eater: Double Yellow Line – a cover of the Music Machine’s song, from 2007 out of Japan.

Plan 9: B-3-11 from their Midnight Records LP.

Please: Watching-1968. UK

The Satelliters: When I’m In Between – From 2013 on Chaputa Records

Los Chica Problema: Elle Destrozom mi Corazon – from Mexico (not officially released).

Mikey & The Drags: I’ve Got A Bottle – 2014. From Dallas, Texas.

Viv & The Sect: Wastin’ My Time – 2013. From Mexico (not officially released).

SRC: Up All Night – Detroit, 1969. Capitol Records

Media: Girl I Want You – from Alberta, Canada HMS Records, 1967.

Wau y los Arrrghs: Toto Lo Voy Romper – Off the LP Todo Roto on Slovenly Records.

The Seeds: Pictures & Designs – from the LP Web Of Sound, 1966.

Les Terribles: Ne t’en va pa – a duet between lead singer Rudi and King Khan, from the LP Ils sont Formidables on Soundflat Records

The Norvins: Back To You from Yoga With Mona – on Soundflat Records 2004.

The Cynics: No Friend of Mine – Covering their faves The Swamp Rats from Blue Train Station on Get Hip Recordings

The Painted Ship: Frustration
– out of Vancouver, Washington 1966.Can be found on Pebbles 7, Psychedelic Unknowns 2, and the Best of Pebbles #2.

The Belltowers: She’s Gone – from Orlando Florida, this is their first release and an LP is to come later in 2014. Hidden Volume Records

New Electric Ride: All Who You Know – From London, 2013 (digital single) on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

Habibi: I Got The Moves – from Brooklyn, NYC in 2013 off their self-titled Burger Records LP

The Future Primatives: Zig Zag Wanderer – a cover of Captain Beefheart, appears on Songs We Taught Ourselves from 2013. The band is from Cape Town, South Africa. On Casbah Records.

The Otherside: Out My Light – An American band dodging the draft in Sweden, 1966. You can find it on Diggin’ For Gold #1 and Searchin’ For Shakes.

Jenny & The Rascals: You Told Me A Lie – Dutch beat from 1966. Can be found on Flight To The Paradise Lowlands #1 and Beit Heit #3.

The Higher State: Potentially Everyone Is Your Enemy
– From 2014 on State Records or from 13 O’Clock Records in the US.

The Living Sickness: I Am Not Alone
– 2010 from Los Angeles, CA covering the David’s classic garage song.

That’s it for now…Stay tuned for a very special interview and more podcasts and mixes!

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