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Day one of Field Trip South is in the history books. And what a truly magical night it was for me. I had the opportunity to meet some folks I’ve met through 50thirdand3rd over the years , Vikki from The Fringe Factory , Matt from The Above , Pat from The Stents, Dave from The Hate Bombs, The Subsonics and the guy who has put this all together , Scott from Hidden Volume Records. It’s like you walk into a different dimension when you are standing with people you have spoken to in 140 characters or less for years and it’s time for real conversations, fun stuff and before I get into talking about The Woolly Bushmen , I wish to thank Scott for all of the work that he has done in bringing Field Trip South to Orlando. Our City has had a pretty tough year and there is nothing like music to bring a City together . Orlando stands Proud and Strong and that is in large part due to the work of many who have called Orlando Home at some point and that includes Scott. He could have done this all in Baltimore but he wanted to do this for his Hometown, Orlando. Me, I’m just lucky to be here and to be a part of all this crazy fun and yes I did talk to The Subsonics and yes they did sign my album.
This Record of the Day goes out to The Woolly Bushmen also from Orlando. These guys are off the charts wack jobs live . I know artist like to not be compared to others I totally get it but sometimes for me that’s the fun , deconstructing influences that you pick up so just imagine this combination, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hasil Adkins, Elvis and The Sonics throw all that together and you have The Woolly Bushmen. If you get the opportunity you have to see The Woolly Bushmen they are the next generation of rock ‘n rollers and they are the shit, be a part of that history and catch them live , I can guarantee that you will come away from that experience, impressed and happy knowing that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dying anytime soon.

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