Feminist Punk Legends BIKINI KILL Released Furious Debut EP 25 Years Ago Today…

9 October 2017

Furious riot grrrl turbo BIKINI KILL, led by the awesome Kathleen Hanna, out of Olympia, Washington released their now legendary 6-track debut EP twenty-five years ago today on
9 October 1992. A loud and clear feminist manifesto. A clamorous punk attack on all male pigs on this sexist planet. Last year, in Brussels, I saw Hanna with the ass-kicking The Julie Ruin, about 3 weeks after idiot Trump‘s election. As a male feminist it was tremendous to see her back again, on the other hand, the hard reality was/is that male pigs are still in charge worldwide, women are still treated by them as insignificant human beings, so Hanna still
has to scream and shout about this eternally men dominated universe just as she already did 25 years ago. Yes, Bob Marley is absolutely right “Get Up, stand up, stand up for your right / Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”. Today, we need a Bikini Kill injected revolution
more than ever again. Let’s start with its soundtrack. Here’s the uproarious opener of the anniversary EP, ‘DOUBLE DARE YA‘…

We’re bikini kill and we want revolution
Girl-style now!!!

Hey girlfriend,
I got a proposition
Goes something like this:

Dare ya to
Do what you want
Dare ya to
Be who you will
Dare ya to
Cry right outloud
You get so emotional baby

Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
Girl fuckin friend
I double dare ya
I triple dare ya
Double triple fuckin
Double fuckin dare ya

Don’t you talk out of line
Dont go speaking out of your turn
Gotta listen to what the man says

Time to make his stomach burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn
(double dare ya)

Youre a big girl now
Youve got no reason
Not to fight
Youve got to know
What they are
‘fore you can stand up
For your rights
Rights– rights–rights?
You have them, you know.


Since November 2012, when Kathleen Hanna founded Bikini Kill Records
the band’s work is available again. All info and order facilities here

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