THE FALL’s Frontman MARK E. SMITH is Lost in Music….

‘Lost In Music’ by THE FALL

Another proof that any artist loves an irresistible tune, even a wayward post punk legend like THE FALL‘s frontman/mastermind MARK E. SMITH. It’s remarkable how he treated LOST
by SISTER SLEDGE with respect, at least musically. Not crushing it nastily into a thousand dissonant pieces (would love to hear that too, actually), not at all. He turned it into an accessible Madchester disco punk cracker. But he picked this song carefully and on purpose in order to criticise the empty-headed hedonism of those early 90s (illegal) rave years. Listen to the way he sings with a grin, the way he articulates with his infamous sneer. Brilliant. Now, let’s all get lost…

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