Experience the Mike Dillon Band

When I saw the Mike Dillon Band perform recently, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My immediate reaction when they began to play was they reminded me of Primus. Later, I discovered that one of Mike Dillon’s other projects, the Dead Kennedy G’s, opens regularly for Primus, and you can certainly catch a Primus feel from this band when they break out the heavy rhythms.

For this project, Mike Dillon has Carly Meyers playing trombone, and she is amazing to watch. She captured and held my attention through the entire performance. Her stage presence and energy stole the show, and I highly recommend catching them live if you have a chance, regardless of your musical tastes. Carly also has her own New Orleans-based funk band, Yojimbo.

Most of the video clips I found of them had more of an acid jazz flavor than what I experienced when I saw them. This clip, however, captures my experience more fully.

Here is another clip of Carly playing live

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