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Everything and the Kitchen Sink is selling out. Wait WHAT? Hellz no.

I tend to discuss, banter, even throw down on social media about music. Probably not the best strategy, but I was inspired to do a show about it. I might just have to thank the trolls on this one.

I brought in the big guns this time. This show isn’t music fans talking about the music industry, this is industry people talking about the music business. I had the great honour having Adam Sewell and Eric Alper take time out of their busy schedules to come and talk on my show.

We talked about record contracts, pr, sales, social media, the Toronto music scene and the support from the media and high school popularity. These are all important things that make or break a band. Or does it?

Before having Adam and Eric on the show, I attempted to do some research on the ins and outs on the music industry. Google search is a scary place folks. This site How to get signed by a record label is NOT really how to get signed by a record label. If you’re in highschool and wanting to start a band, please for the love of Lemmy don’t use the Wiki How. Instead check out this site How Stuff Works it’s FAR more indepth.

I would like to add a track listing but seriously for 3 damn songs? And I am sure you know what band/artist/musician’s tracks were played.

And as always however you listen, thanks for your awesome support of Everything and the Kitchen Sink.

Stream the show right here folks
Everything and the Kitchen Sink

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