Everything and the Kitchen Sink September 29th 2013

Everything and the Kitchen Sink September 29 2013

I usually do two shows a month and boy did I ever just get this show in by the skin of my teeth before October, Right? Right!
So here’s the playlist for you folks and the linky things cause well, you should check out these bands on your own too! Oh and DON’T be that guy and buy some damn music eh?
Remember folks older shows are available at EatKS.net

Happy Listening Folks
Nikki xoxo
1. Joe Strummer- King of the Bayou
2. Louise Distras – Bullets
3. Whiskey Hearts – Got Away
4. Bat for Lashes – Daniel
5. Tiny Tiny – Leech
6. Fuzzbox – Love Is The Slug
7. Shorty Cat – Riot Girl
8. Agent Orange – Pipeline
9. Dead Kennedys – Hellnation
10. Atom Age – Too Much Fun
11. Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs– Gates of Hell
12. The Clash – Death or Glory
13. The Clash – Charlie Don’t Surf
14. The Disappeared – Welcome to the West
15. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Go Away
16. Elvis Costello & The Roots – Refuse to be Saved
Listen to it here!

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