Everything and the Kitchen Sink September 19 2013

Everything and the Kitchen Sink Sept 19th 2013

Yes folks, it’s been a long wait but finally another Everything and the Kitchen Sink for your ears. And umm, yeah I ripped you off and it’s only about an hour show.
And here’s the playlist for you with links to some of the bands for you to check out. Not only do you get a nonsense of a show, but I am saving your fingers from doing the searching for music. See? I care. Don’t forget to check out EatKS.net for links to other cool shows (actually way cooler than mine) in the near future.
Happy Listening Folks!

Nikki xoxo

Track List
1. Larabee – Sunset Drive
2. Modest Mouse – The Good Times Are Killing Me (you can find this on your own eh?)
3. The Como Brothers Band – I Want To
4. Model Society – Systematic
5. The Jam – A –Bomb In Wardour Street
6. Chomsky Allstars – Spy Guy
7. Thee Headcoats – It Ain’t Mine
8. The Howling Bullets – Goul County Limits 2
9. Angelic Upstarts – A Young Punk
10. The Clash – Janine Jones
11. Rollersnakes – Mean Girls
12. The Julie Ruin – Right Home
13. The Corin Tucker Band – Kill My Blues
14. Lois and the Love – Eye Of The Storm
15. The Aggrolites – Hot Stop
16. The Valuables – Downpour
17. Jr. Thomas – Face In The Crowd
18. The Clash – Guns On The Roof
19. The Clash – Four Horsemen
20. The Computers – Selina Chinese
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