Everything and the Kitchen Sink October 14th 2013

Everything and the Kitchen Sink October 14th 2013

It’s celebration time! That’s right Everything and the Kitchen Sink celebrates 2 years of putting out the eclectic mess and mayhem of music shows that some of you kinda like?
Last week I had the privilege to guest host on an episode of the original Culture Mapping Podcast Newbsradio. Mother $&%^!!!! Eric bleeped me though! But seriously folks, it was a hell of a lot of fun and I learned far too much about a specific band and well worth getting the sweary parts bleeped. Check out Newbsradio here http://newbsradio.com/the-harry-nilsson-podcast/ . And next month, Casey from the Cutting Room Floor invited me to chat on his show. Casey is a very big supporter of indie projects, whether it’s a film, novel, comic book or music. No one works harder than him to bring indie projects into the spotlight. Check out his show http://cuttingroomfloorpodcast.blogspot.ca/
And in MORE exciting news, there will be some small changes to Everything and the Kitchen Sink, in the upcoming months. First, the shows will potentially be featured on another website in the future, if you didn’t already know the show is broadcasted on Fusion On Air (http://mixlr.com/fusion-on-air/ ) and it’s featured on http://www.peirishradio.com/ . I’m probably one of the few radio shows that doesn’t do band interviews on the show, and that’s about to change. Everything and the Kitchen Sink will soon be featuring band interviews done by the very awesome Sara from MusicSheBlogged. Check out her website folks, right here http://www.musicsheblogged.com/.
This show even features requests from Some EatKS listeners! That’s right I sometimes take requests for the show! So here’s the playlist and band links. Go BUY some music! Spread the word!
1. Threat Signal – Rational Eyes
2. Slayer – Spiritual Law
3. Sluts on 45 – Hung Up Drunk
4. Here Come the Fire Horse – Nightfall at Gorham’s Cave
5. Ariel – Empty House
6. Wyd Syd – Foolish Hunger
7. The Boxer Rebellion – I fell in Love
8. The Coathangers – Go Away
9. The Dirtbombs – Hey! Cookie
10. The Gossip – Bones
11. Pigbag – Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag
12. Dubmatix – Burning Dub Fire
13. Badwai and Honey Child – Suspicions
14. Toots and the Maytals – Bla Bla Bla
15. The Clash – Revolution Rock
16. The Clash – First Night Back in London
17. Michael Rault – I Don’t Need No Help Getting Down
18. The Equals – I’m Gonna Dance All Night
19. Joe Strummer – Burning Lights
You can listen here!

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