Everything and the Kitchen Sink November All Canadian Show

See? Two shows this month. You poor unlucky folks! I kid of course, without you this would be kinda pointless. This show is a little different. It’s 100% Canadian content. Why?
1) I am Canadian
2) I believe in supporting Canadian Music
3) It’s a special I do once in a while
4) Because I can 😉

And here’s the playlist with all the lovely links for you to check out.

1.Def Con Sound System – Pistol Whipped
2.Steve Adamyk – You’re Fired
3.CuntPunt – New Song http://cvntpvnt.bandcamp.com/
4.Sinkin Ships – All Songs Are Wrong
5.The Noble Rogues – Liquid Soul
6.Kensington Hillbilllys – Charlie Don’t Surf
7.Kensington Hillbillys – Corner Soul
8.The Dangerous Experience – Pop Chip and Party
9.Rebuild/Repair – Post Industrial City State
10.Brutal Youth – Shortcut Pt 2
11.Plan 37 – On the Run
12.Wasted Potential – Is This Show All Ages
13.High Heels LoFi – Big Dumb Rock Song
14.The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres – Johnny
15.The Vibrating Beds – Baby
16.The House of Haunt – Date with the Devil
17.Christian D and the Hangovers – Mr. Handsome
18.The Howling Bullets – Lullably
19.The Rotary Dial – Time Bomb
20.Needles //Pins – Getting On Home
21.The Jolts – I Wanna Dig (Where the X’s are)
22.The Fundamentals – La Frita
23.Los Furios – Never Look Back
24.The Valuables – Downpour
25.The Ballantynes – Sickos

Other links for you to check out that I talked about on the show, you know that compilation thingy? Well here’s the link
And of course here’s the article on Canadian music that I was talking about.

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