Everything and the Kitchen Sink November 6th Show

Everything and the Kitchen Sink November 6th 2013 Show

That’s right folks I slacked off last month and ripped you off from having two shows a month. But have no fear, this month I PROMISE two shows!!!!!!!!

Track List
1. Junior Kimbrough – I Love Ya Baby
2. The Black Keys – I Got Mine
3. The Howling Bullets – The Veil
4. Wu-Tang Clan – Clan In Da Front
5. The Beastie Boys – Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
6. Grand Analog – I Play My Kazoo
7. The Detroit Cobras – Hey Sailor
8. Japandriods – For The Love Of Ivy
9. Patti Smith – Glitter In Their Eyes
10. The Pretenders – Middle Of The Road
11. The Shondes – On Your Side
12. How I Became Invisible – Venus ( Right to your head)
13. Bob Mould – Keep Believing
14. PMA – S.O.S
15. Capital Radio Two – The Clash
16. Protex Blue – Meanwhile
17. Trigger Happy – One of These Days
18. The Class Assassins – The Solution
19. Elvis Costello – Mystery Dance
20. The Ballantynes – Morning
21. The Delegators – Moving On
22. Good Rats Radio (feat Mista D) – Falcon
23. Joe Strummer – Evil Darling
24. Joe Strummer – Sleepwalk
25. Habib Kote and Bamada – I Ka Barra (Your Work)
In this show I mentioned some great podcasters, promoters, and other musicians and even a literature journal so in case you are interested in checking them out. Here’s the links for that stuff.. Call it some bonus material for you!

Check out Tim’s show Rocket from Russia on Citr
This is the Huge Shark thing that I was talking about
Wanna check out Love Music Magazines interview with yours truly? Right here !
Sololab with Huge Shark is on soundcloud – just search it folks
Last but not least Casey Ryan of The Cutting Room Floor podcast! He is the champion of promoting indie projects so check it out!
Stream the mess of a show right here or get it on iTunes folks via the EatKS.net website

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