Everything and the Kitchen Sink July Quick Spin

Everything and the Kitchen Sink July Quick Spin

That’s right folks, the no ranting and shorter version of the eclectic mess of Everything and the Kitchen Sink. I did say 2 shows a month.
It’s almost the end of July so you get two shows in a week.
Hopefully next month I will space them out more….. (yeah whatever right?)

No links for you folks on the quick spin! But I am sure you could google them!

Happy listening folks,
Nikki xoxo

The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds
The Waterboys – Medicine Bow
The Wedding Present – Waiting on the Guns
Elton Motello – Jet Boy, Jet Girl
The Real McKenizes – Swords of a Thousand Men
Janice Graham Band – No Money Honey
X-Ray Spex – Let’s Submerge
The Von Drats – Manglers & Stranglers
Teenage Bottle Rocket – Radical
Maximum RNR – Attack Panther
Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster
Joey Ramone – Going Nowhere Fast
The Humanitarians – Bye Bye Johnny
Joe Strummer & the Mescarlos – Armagideon Time
Grand Analog – Metropolis Is Burning
Joe Strummer – Omotepe

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