Everything and the Kitchen Sink – Joe Strummer Special (December Edition)

That’s right folks, this crazy Joe Strummer fan girl puts out TWO Joe Strummer Specials EVERY year. Funnily enough, there is that much content, information, stories that can be played that every show is very very different.
On the Last Everything and the Kitchen Sink Joe Strummer Special (which was in August) did not include any Clash tracks. Joe Strummer has an impressive body of work prior and after The Clash that I felt that some folks perhaps don’t realize that. And even on that special I only scratched the surface on the music that Joe worked on. He produced many albums for other bands, preformed with other bands, and wrote music/songs for other bands. (Of course that will be in other shows in the future so fear not Strummer fans!)
The August Joe Strummer show is available to stream here on the blog or you can visit the EatKS website for download options. And folks, if you want the OTHER Joe Strummer Shows back up; hit me up with a comment here, email me or tweet me and I will make it so. (otherwise it ain’t happening)

This time on the Joe Strummer Special I had two co-hosts; Adam Sewell of Stereo Dynamite Recordings and Christian D of Christian D of the Hangovers. I would like to thank http://www.thatchannel.comfor letting me borrow their space to record the show.

Adam, Christian, and i talk about the album London Calling. Well, I have to admit that we certainly got sidetracked quite a bit and threw in some very interesting tracks with some interesting insights on the album, the tracks and the music industry as a whole.
But I swear that there was a reason for them. Also the show was FAR too long of a show, so I have also included an extra special show for you folks called “Everything and the Kitchen Sink- Joe Strummer Extras” – That show will be only available on the soundcloud and iTunes only. (check the website for the links)
And here the is the track list for the show.
1. Brand New Cadillac
2. Clampdown
3. Death or Glory
4. Revolution Rock
5. Guns of Brixton
6. Right Profile
8. Rudie Can’t Fail
9. Card Cheat
10. Lost In the Supermarket
11. Armagideon Time
12. I Fought the Law
13. Get Down Moses
14. Coma Girl

also for your reading the link to the book that was mentioned.

This is the last show of the year folks. So thank you, as always for all your support in spreading the word about the show and more importantly listening and liking the show.
Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year!

Nikki xoxoxoxoxo

(click on link below to listen to the show)
Everything and the Kitchen Sink – Joe Strummer Special (December Edition)

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