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In this episode I finally got the chance to talk to the awesome Casey Ryan who does The Cutting Room Floor Podcast. Casey has been doing this show for years and he is a staunch supporter of indie projects by creating awareness through his show and social media. Yeah, social media. The platforms that everyone loves to hate and hates to love. Casey and I chatted about ups and downs of social media, supporting indie projects and twitter. I had to put in Rob Gokee’s book In the Belly of the Fail Whale: How Twitter Changed My Life in One Year in the show notes cause it really made an impact on how Casey promoted/marketed himself and engaged on the social media.

We totally derailed the conversation with jeopardy, boxing, cyclists, judging music tastes and Michael Cera having the same affect as nails on a chalkboard. Scandalous!

Casey’s show can be heard at two different places Talk shoe and also The MIXX where he also got his snazzy jingle. But as we mentioned so many times, seriously so many times you can always find Casey on the twitterverse.

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