Everything and the Kitchen Sink Grass-Roots-Rhythm-Rock-Chorus Part 2

It’s Feburary 21st and that means yet another Everything and the Kitchen Sink Grass-Roots-Rhythm –Rock-Chorus in support of Strummerfest.ca

Now if you haven’t heard the last show here’s what the big deal is about. Strummerfest: the music festival is coming to Toronto, Ontario and every December it’s hosted in Kitchener Ontario. That’s right this August Strummerfest comes to Toronto for the first time.

So what the hell is Strummerfest? Well is not just about the music. It never was. Their slogan is
“Music, Memory, and Charity.” This spells out their priorities in order from lowest to highest.
The charity we seek to express and support is prevention of suicide. Why? Because nothing is more contrary to the idea of life’s inherent value; and nothing is more terminally undermining of the optimistic hope and faith in humanity that Strummer valued and sought to express in his music. We really believe life matters. We really believe that suicide is an awful tragedy that needs to be stopped. We really mourn over every life lost, so needlessly wasted, and wish that we could have helped someone find the answers they need to hang on, because, as those of us who’ve been through depression, frustration and fear know, things will get better if you can hang on.”

Track List

1. Black Sails At Midnight – Alestorm
(Request from Victor Bast)

2. Repeater – Fugazi
(Dedication for Mill Creek Management)

3. S.U.S – The Ruts
(Dedication for Gran Val Construction)

4. Salvation –Rancid
(Request from Victor Bast)

5. Whine and Grine/Stand Down Margret – The English Beat
(Dedication for Sanderson Management Inc.)

6. DisUnited Kingdom –Carbon Silicon
(Dedication for Mortgage Alliance First Choice Brokerage)

7. Strummerville – Stiff Little Fingers
(Dedication for Stantec)

8. White Riot –The Clash
(Dedication for MF Property Management LLP )

9. Autonomy- buzzcocks
(Dedication for RLB LLP )

10. Something Girls- Adam and the Ants
(Dedication for Strik Baldinelli & Associates Ltd).

11. Kung Fu Girls – Blondie
(Dedication for Clarke Starke & Diegel LLP)

12. 5 Gears in Reverse – Elvis Costello
(Dedication for Waterloo Nissan Local dealers)

13. Out Of My Hands – Spoons
(Dedication for Marshall Zehr Group )

14. April Fool – Chalk Circle
(Dedication for Stephanie Krug A)

15. Love is the Slug – Fuzzbox
(Dedication for Morrison Hershfield)

16. Searching with My Good Eye Closed – Soundgarden
(Request from Brian Proodum)

17. I Am Not Your Sugar Dream –Wormwood Scrubs
(Dedication for Encore Records)

18. Hateful The Clash
(Dedication to all Strummerfest Supporters – past, present and future)

19. Get Down Moses –Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros
(Dedication to all Strummerfest Supporters – past, present and future)

20. Clobberin Time KRS-One- Civilisation Mix – Sick Of It All
(Request from Victor Bast)

Folks remember to check out the Strummerfest Website for all the latest news.


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