Everything and the Kitchen Sink February 1st 2014 show

This was to be the 2nd January show but you’re getting it a day late. Better late than never right folks?
And yeah, it’s a show short but I am starting to like the shorter shows.

Here’s the playlist with all the linky things. See I am helping you hear AND find the bands via the interwebz.

1. The Clash – Know Your Rights
2. Lionrock – Rude Boy Rock
3. The Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom
4. Christian D – Frozen Sand
5. The Dirtbombs – If You Can Want
6. The Jolts – Continental Op
7. Dirty Penny – 7 Declined
8. Half Man Half Biscuit – National Shite Day
9. Thinner – Mad Rush
10. Deadmouth – Eggman Master
11. Inherit The Stars – Ground Zero
12. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Gamma Ray
13. Joe Strummer – Sleepwalk
As I mentioned in the show I have been busy with other EatKS nonsense and here’s the links and deets.
Next week, I will be doing an all request show in support of Strummerfest.
Folks, it’s a great festival and all proceeds go to charity. Get involved, spread the word, or buy a ticket to see some bands.

I am super honoured to chat /be interviewed by Casey Ryan of The Cutting Room Floor podcast.
If you are a fan of indie films, authors, and music you really have to check out his show.
He interviews tons I mean TONS of people to bring awareness to indie projects.

Last but not certainly not least.
The Unappreciated Scholars have not only a music podcast but they have crash courses on bands on their website.
That’s right; wanna know about a band, perhaps some deeper tracks and a little bit of info?
Then click on the link

(click link below to listen to show)
Everything and the Kitchen Sink – Feb 01 2014

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