Everything and the Kitchen Sink December Show

That’s right folks yet another mess and mayhem of music with X mas tracks, and the “Incomplete list of 2013 Albums” That’s right it’s an incomplete list so no sending hate mail on my choices eh? This is the second last show of the year – As always I end the year with a Joe Strummer Show.
My list is an incomplete list but Eric Alper pulled together an INSANE amount of websites with the best of 2013 albums. I am sure that there is enough there to make at least someone happy! Here’s the link to that
And now to the playlist with the links to the websites for you to check out, cause that’s why you read this right? Of course the “mainstream” ones you could figure out for yourselves 😉

1. Simone Denny – Your Love Fades Away
2. The Ballantynes – Faith
3. Clairy Browne and the Bangin Rackettes – I’ll Be Fine
4. The Delegators – Be Good To Me
5. Jr. Thomas – Somebody Like You
6. Smooth Noir – The Brass Action
7. The Computers – Bring Me The Head of a Hipster
8. The Julie Ruin – Ha Ha Ha
9. The Dirtbombs – Sugar On Top
10. The Mants – Rebel Set
11. Cvntpvnt – Rot
12. Sinkin Ships – Old School
13. Bullets – Louise Distras
14. Whiskey Hearts – So Cold
15. Mazzy Star – Flying Low
16. The Oh Sees – Night Crawler
17. The Editors – Hyena
18. The Boxer Rebellion – Low
19. Nick Cave – We No Who UR
20. The Mants – All I Want For Christmas (Is Some Human Teeth)
21. Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene – City of Christmas Ghosts
22. Joe Strummer with the Pogues – Sayonara

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Again folks THANK YOU for listening to my nonsense because without you folks it wouldn’t be half as fun to put out a show!

Nikki xoxoxoxoxoxox

You can stream the show here or go to the website for more listening options EatKS.net

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