Everything and the Kitchen Sink – Coachella Fantasy Band Line Up Part 2

Since the Friday line up of this Fantasy Coachella is FAR TOO long. Here’s the second part of it. And again I can’t thank The Clash Blog enough for the awesome inspiration to do these shows.
Stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled for music podcast continuing nonsense of The Coachella Fantasy Band Line Up


The Skids- Out Of Town
T- Rex – The Motivator
The Stranglers – Head On the Line
The Undertones – More Songs About Chocolate and Girls
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
The Cords- Too Late To Kiss You Now
New York Dolls – Jet Boy
Black Flag – No Values
The Avengers- Car Crash
The Weirdos – Why Do You Exist
Adam and the Ants – Jolly Roger
Magazine – My Tulpa
Television – Marquee Moon
MC5 – Gotta Keep Movin
Dead Kennedys – Moon Over Marin
Bad Religion – Latch Key Kids
Minor Threat – Straight Edge
The Minutemen – Split Red
The Dead Milkmen -Tiny Town

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