Everything and the Kitchen Sink – Coachella Fantasy Band Line Up Part 1

It’s starting to be that time of year again folks where all around the world music festivals happen. Everyone has their favourites that they would like to see at a festival. I came across this fantasy band line up from The Clash Blog twitter post. And I absolutely loved it. A few EatKS listeners encouraged me to do a show based on this line up. And here it is, I bring you the Cochella Fantasy Band Show.


Now because this is a crazy amount of bands listed, there is absolutely no way in hell that this could be done in one show, or two, or even three shows. Over the next couple of weeks I will be putting out these as well as the regular nonsense of Everything and the Kitchen Sink shows.

The Clash – 48 hours
The 101 ‘ers – Silent Telephone
The Sex Pistols – Did You No Wrong
The Damned- Under the Wheels
Buzzcocks- Love Battery
Generation X – Ready Steady Go
The Velvet Underground- Head Held High
David Bowie- Jean Genie
Mott The Hoople – Wrath and Wroll
The Slits – New Town
The Specials – Sock It To’Em J.B.
The Beat – Psychedelic Rockers
Madness- Death Of A Rude Boy
The Selecter – Mr. Brown
X – Some Other Time
PIL – Careering
Killing Joke – Requiem
New Model Army -Over The Wire.

Stream the show right here

If you don’t want to stream the show, you could subscribe to iTunes or download from soundcloud. But you knew that right? Right!

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