Everything and the Kitchen Sink August Quick Spin

Everything and the Kitchen Sink August Quick Spin

That’s right folks another mess of music that only yours truly could make a mess of!
This time the quick spin includes the rants, you poor unlucky folks!
And as always here’s the playlist of the show and the links cause I like to save you the trouble of searching out the music.

Happy listening folks! NIKKI xo

1. Elvis Costello and the Roots – Walk Us Uptown (this is available on iTunes so umm no link)
2. The Wallflowers – Reboot the Mission (ummm yeah ditto eh?)
3. Steve Adamyk Band – Monterrey
4. Wasted Potential – Douche Chills
5. Jesus and his Judgemental Father– What Now
6. The Clash – I’m Not Down (seriously, go to yer record store!)
7. Burning Idols – Apathetical
8. The Defekters – Little Seed
9. The Clash – If Music Could Talk
10. Latino Rockabilly War (Joe Strummer) – Trash City
11. Bruce McCulloch – Eraserhead
12. Giant Baby – Too Many Cops (the sad fable of Otis the Fuzzy Brown Bear)
13. Christian D and the Hangovers – Cornfed Dames/Rumble
14. The Misfits – Hollywood Babylon
15. Guitar Wolf – Jett Beer
16. Dave Berridge – Monster

Listen here or you can download and subscribe to iTunes

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