Everything and the Kitchen Sink April 11th 2014

Do you think that because I am sick that I am not going to put out a show for you unlucky listeners? Ha! Think again! It’s been far too long since a proper Everything and the Kitchen Sink show, so sick or not, a new show needed to get done!

I have to correct myself on the release date of Simone Denny’s new album. After searching the interwebz, vents magazine stated that the release of the album was coming this fall. Apparently I don’t get memos often enough.

Old Tramp – Pain Threshold
Beastie Boys – Remote Control
Shonen Knife – Flu
The Clash – City of the Dead
The King Blues – We Are Fucking Angry
The Mevlins – Lexicon Devil
Teenage Bottlerocket – In the Pit
Spider Heart – Ready Steady
The Cramps – All Women Are Bad
Cadillacs and Cadavers – Corpse Junkies!
Simone Denny – Your Love Fades Away
Elvis Costello – Coal Train Robberies
Gaoler’s Daughter – Split Like Cells
Andrew Scandal – Florescent Dreams
The Muffs – Another Day
Ninjas With Syringes – Stay Away
The 101 ers – Keys To Your Heart
The Clash – Gates Of The West

Listen to the show here!

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