EatKS Renos & Demos no.2

Another Everything and the Kitchen Sink Renos & Demos which is really a fancy word for a mix tape isn’t it?

Well, except that this was a live show at one time, now I just podcast.I have to say that live shows are much harder to do than a podcast. It’s tough. You’re running your show live; anything can get messed up from your broadband, to your music playlist, to the track skipping and your mic not working. When I did a live show it was extra hilarious, because I was very uncomfortable, very nervous, and I never ever used earphones to hear myself talk. I still don’t.

As usual folks this won’t be available on the soundcloud just for the reason the more shows I have the less listens every show gets. Weird I know.

Let me tell you what this show was about. I had few of the EatKS listeners requests in the show, (once in a while I do that) some great Canadian ska, indie, and of course Joe Strummer x 3. This show originally aired November 17th 2012. That was soo long ago, right?

Here’s the playlist

Elvis Costello – Accidents Will Happen
The Smiths – Sheena Take A Bow
Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
Wire- Kidney Bingos
Undertones – Julie Ocean
The Clash – London Calling
The Clash – 3 Card Trick
Joe Strummer and the Mescelaros – Mondo Bongo
The Steadies – See You When You Go
Los Furios – Lost In The Bario
The Skints – Rise Up
The Jam – The Dreams of Children
Helen Love – Debbie Loves Joey
The Horrorpops – Julia
The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres – Johnny
The Dirtbombs – If You Can Want It
The Kinks – Sitting On My Sofa
The Like – Wishing He Was Dead
Snuff – Nick Motown
The Jolts –Deadly Supreme
Toys That Kill – Abort Me Mother Earth
The Pretenders – Middle Of The Road
Monaco – What Do You Want From Me
The Lurkers – Shadow
Pointed Sticks – Marching Song
The Ramones – 50thirdand3rd
The Dead Kennedys – Hop With Jet Set
The Chemo Kids – Name Dropper
Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos
X- Ray Spex – I’m A Cliché
Patti Smith – 1959

Listen to the show here

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