EatKS Renos and Demos No. 7

Everything and the Kitchen Sink Renos and Demos No. 7

That’s right, another podcast where I was completely lazy and just edited an older podcast.  I will continue to use the excuse that good music can’t be shelved. This episode originally aired Feb 2nd  2013. In this episode there were tons of indie bands so please check the hyperlinks on the show notes at the website.

The Playlist

1.       The Gits – Change Is Gonna Come

2.       Cactus Vella – Touch The Ground

3.       Joey Ramone – Life’s A Gas

4.       The Equals – Mary Jane

5.       Half Man Half Biscuit – Hi Vise King of High Vise

6.       Candy Hearts – Without Caffeine

7.       Dum Dum Dum Girls – Seasons In Hell

8.       The Sisters Band – Sun Walk

9.       How I Became Invisible – Mercury The First To Go

10.   Descendents –  Blast Off

11.   The Jolts – Loudness

12.   The Asexuals – Social Education

13.   Sinkin Ships – On The Outside Alone

14.   Take Drugs – Got Destruction

15.   The Hell Drivers – Rescue Me

16.   The Howling Bullets – Dancing Like Laveau

17.   Saint Alvia – Define Me

18.   Elvis Costello – Monkey To The Man

19.   Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – All In A Day

20.   Jackie Mittoo – Ghetto  Organ

21.   The Bullets – Explosion

22.   Aggrolites – Hot Stop

23.   Blue Beat Stompers – Can’t Find The Words

24.   Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Istanbul Twilight

25.   The Misfits – Night Of The Living Dead

26.   Agent Orange- Everything Turns Grey

27.   Good Rats Radio – Falcon

28.   St. Alvia –  Mary Shelley

29.   The Wallflowers – Reboot The Mission

30.   Peg Boy – Time Again

31.   Snuff – Martin

32.   Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros –  Jewelers And Bums


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