EatKS Reno and Demos November 3rd 2012

I have been doing the show for over 2 years and many of the shows are not available on the soundcloud, stitcher, itunes or the RSS feed (whatever that thing is) until now. After suggestions from EatKS listeners I decided to bring them back.
That is right! Once a month I will put up one to two of the older shows. There’s about 30 or so in total. Yes I have been screwing up shows for a very long time.

The difference with this show is that I have edited them to be just about the music.
Yes, that’s right no rants.. what. so.ever.

Yup a long time in a galaxy far away this show happened. It’s a mix of ska, punk, horror rock, reggae and punk and some super great finds on the soundcloud. Soundcloud is still one of my favourite places to find music. You should check it out.

Vaccines – Mannequin
Sisters – Shiny Things
Kinks – Destroyer
Jesus and Mary Chain – Taste Floor
Iggy Pop – Passenger
Easy All Stars – Great Dub In The Sky
Ruben and the Diatones – Crucified
The Clash – Gates of the West
Joe Strummer and the Mescelaros – Slant Six
Dead Milkmen – Surfing Cow
Huveous Rancheros – Beach Blanket
The Equals – Diversion
Snuff – Snuff Places
Something Corporate – Hurricane
Low Level Flight – Tsk Tsk
Supernovas – Dancing in the Millbank
Sinkin’ Ships – The Outside Alone
Centerfolds – Jenifer
Mudhoney – If I think
The Crunchies – Charlie Don’t Surf
The Cramps – Mini Skirt Blues
Howling Bullets – Mississippi Magnolia
Beastie Boys – Barrel of a Gun
Dollyrots – Pretty One
Sluts on 45 – Waltz Be Dirty
The Dammed – Under the Wheels
Elvis Costello – New Amsterdam
The Poises – I Guess You’re Right
Stephen Cardiff – Running Up That Hill

Listen Below: or download from

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