EatKS – Hangs Out With The Music Junkies Of 50thirdand3rd

If you have ever paid attention to my show, I have done a few shout outs for the music blog 50thirdand3rd. These guys have been so great to all the music junkies that support the music scene. It was about time that someone did an interview about them instead of them promoting everyone else, they need to be promoted.  Funnily enough in the podcast they can’t help themselves. They promoted a shit load of other people in the process.

We talked so much and ranted so much that this will be a 2 part podcast. The first part is all about the website, and the music picks. The second part will come out next Friday and will include the rants and the “What do you know about Joe” segment.

Remember EatKS Listeners please check the websites for the playlists links  and show notes.

ICYMI here is the link to the fave albums of the year I did last year.


Cribs Picks  1- 6, Ben’s Picks 7-13, Scott’s Picks 14- 19

  1. Cayetana – Serious Things Are Stupid (2014)
  2. The Night Jars – Teal (2013)
  3. Wild Throne – Wrecking Ball Unchained (2014)
  4. SadGirl – Penelope’s Leg (2015)
  5. Biters – Low Lives In High Definition (2015)
  6. Table Scraps -Electricity (2015)
  7. The Fratellis -Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (2013)
  8.  Nikki Hill -Don’t Cry Anymore (2013)
  9. Shannon & The Clams- It’s Too Late  (2015)
  10. Carlos And The Bandidos- My Poor Old Heart  (2008)
  11. The Uh Huhs – Creepin’ Away  (2014)
  12. Sad Girl – Breakfast Is Over  (2015)
  13. The Reverbnations – Lost In Time (2015)
  14. Mr. Airplane Man – Commit A Crime (2014)
  15. The Creeping Ivies – Bye Bye Baby  (2015)
  16. The Connection – Let The Jukebox Take Me (2015)
  17. Death Valley Girls – Death Valley Boogie (2015)
  18. Motobunny – Let’s Go Out ( 2015)
  19. Joe Strummer – Techno D Day
  20. Joe Strummer – Punk Rock Blues


You can always listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher, Mixcloud or you can listen below.

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