EatKS – Canadian Music Week 2014 Special

I hope that you are not going to say “When will the specials end? Geez Nikki, get back to your regular damn shows already?” I know that it’s very topical to talk about CMW which is exclusive to Toronto. I get that’s it’s pretty narrow in focus. Will I lose you the international listener because of this? I hope not. If anything I hope that you see what kind of richness local music scenes can have. Perhaps this will inspire you to check out your local scene more often. Funny thing is that the festival is called Canadian Music Week but hosts tons of international bands… yeah…

In this show I also mention the band PKEW PKEW PKEW which is a great Toronto band. Unfortunately I had already blew my budget on music purchasing for this month, that I couldn’t include a track from them in this show. The band is on my very long list of to purchase.
Here’s the playlist. As always that shit is hyper linked.

High Heels LoFi – Just Don’t
The Anti- Queens – Noushi
The Dirty Nil – Wrestle Yu To Husker Du
Bella Clava – Conflict and Desire
She’s – Kim Kimono
The Flatliners – Sew My Mouth Shut
Grimskunk – Poser Punk
Ariel – Empty House
The Slackers – How It Feels
The Honeyrunners – Spirits
Public Animal – One Way Ticket
OFF! – Over Our Heads
Organ Thieves – Fix The Hearts Of The Hollow
No Age – In Rebound
Dirty Penny – Magic Tricks

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