Dr. Bonnie & Mr. Clyde Of Garage Punk Trash – Meet… THE GLÜCKS


Off stage they walk, talk & look almost like the nicest kids on the block. But, beware, ladies
and gentlemen, on stage THE GLÜCKS turn irreversibly into a no mercy garage trash hit team. An exceptionally committed two-piece powerhouse. A madly pounding Dr. Bonnie
and a borderline infected Mr. Clyde. They produce a deranged kind of psychobilly blues
punk havoc to scare the hell out of all political idiots on this troubled planet and they do it
with blood, sweat and beers. A two-soldiers-army on a mission to get rid of their and your nasty fiends. The inseparable pair just released new smashing longplayer YOUTH ON STUFF. About bloody time to try to talk to this grinta fueled Belgian engine. Before jumping on the Q’s and A’s with Tina & Alek, the impish souls behind the noise, let’s have some foreplay with their newest single CuCuCuCool and activate our eyes and ears before entering their dark cave…

That felt pretty freakish. Now, let’s roll, dear outlaws…

When and where was the band conceived?
TINA: “When we met, we knew it was going to be us against the world. It all started somewhere in May 2012. We had a last-minute show with another group but their drummer couldn’t do the gig in the end, so Alek did this one man band thing and I sang. As it felt too constrained, I decided – after 30 minutes or so – to set up another snare and a cymbal and to perform as a real duo and it worked. From then on, instead of starting to write songs, we just took the stage and improvised. We released our own first recordings back in January 2013, a one-take 6-track recording of a rehearsal. That’s when we started to play noise that sounded like music.”

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

ALEK: “We were listening to The Cramps and The Stooges, among others, on repeat, when we made up our band’s name. So, unsurprisingly, we went for a sort of mixture of Lux Interior‘s first name and The from The Stooges. ‘Luck‘ in German reads ‘glück‘ and the THE made us feel like a gang. Hating pretty much how the world was being run and still is, we did feel lucky to have met one another. It was an US Vs THE WORLD kinda vibe, so in a weird way it was perfect.”

A glücky man…

Share an unforgettable anecdote with us about the first rehearsals…
THE GLÜCKS: “Rehearsals back then were very much just live shows. Made us feel like parrots, still does. When we actually rehearsed it was more like a boxing battle, just violent and inappropriate behavior with instruments. Many times it ended with something being broken or with blood stains. I remember once we were rehearsing practically naked and bloodied and super loud with the proper indulgence. And all of a sudden a copper was
barking outside our cave. We showed ourselves, much to their surprise, and shouted: “We’ll never do it again!” We went back in and continued. And, once, we almost burned down our room, because of faulty and old electrical wiring.”

How would you describe the glorious mess you both generate?
THE GLÜCKS: “We always used Bonnie and Clyde Psyched Out Savage Garage Punk Sexplosion to take the piss out of branding sound. Seriously though we would say our
music is best described as an Exorcist Garage Punk Sexplosion…”

Exorcist Garage Punk Sexplosion…

New album ‘Youth On Stuff’ is out now. Tell us about the blood, sweat
and bad-mouthed language spend on this newborn monster?

ALEK: “I don’t think we’ve ever worked harder on anything else in our lives. Like our earlier releases, this one has been recorded live. Like our first one ‘Blow My Mind‘, ‘Youth On Stuff’ is recorded on tape. But this time around it’s been recorded in a proper analog studio. We did a 48-hour marathon of absolute madness with no more than five hours of sleep. We couldn’t have done it without the awesome studio ‘The Yellow Tape’ and its fantastic engineer Peter Van De Veire. AND the mastering wizard Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering! After we’ve done our part with creating sonic mayhem on tape, we were super fucked on the artwork. Jantie Flyer created a cool drawing for the front of the rekkid. But we still had to add the shading, coloring, create the arm and the typography for the back. Tina learned how to draw out of the blue and drew the Frankie’s (inspired by Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop). And then came the fun caused by experimenting with lay-outs and making sure the colors would be printed well etc… You could say we learned how to do a lot of things ourselves in a very short time, haha…”

YOUTH ON STUFF – Out now!.. (Bandcamp link below)

Tell us more about the 8-track Barefoot Sessions you did for Spotify some time ago…
TINA: “Much to our surprise we’ve won twenty hours of studio time after a contest at Barefoot Studios with Arjan Bogaert. Broke as we were, we were thrilled! We only had only a couple of songs that we could actually play but we decided to give it a shot. It was our first experience with a real studio and our first venture towards a ‘real’ recording. We wrote several new songs and lyrics a week in advance and recorded them all live in the studio in one day. It was so heavy Alek started puking from all the effort. The second day we did the mixing. So the whole record is pretty much like a picture, a moment in time, that’s why we called it Sessions and Barefoot was fitting as – apart from the name of the studio – that’s how we felt like about the world at that very time: running barefoot on broken glass. Oh yeah and we released it ourselves on our own label Suck My Goo Records.”

Any joint rituals before hitting the podium?
ALEK: “Indulging, puking, excreting, hydrating, secluding and searching for one another. Then we take turns in screaming at one another to get the blood going – a chant kinda thing – make out and climb the stage.”

Release the bats…

How does it really feel like to hammer your drums mercilessly on stage, Tina?
TINA: “I never would have thought I have so much anger in me. It’s like exorcising your demons, you know? When I’m drumming everything is like tunnel vision and all I feel is
raw emotion, but it feels so good!”

Exorcism in progress…

What’s your secret drug to become Dr. Hyde when playing live, Alek?
ALEK: “As time goes by, Hyde grows in power. After taking the potion repeatedly, he no
longer relies upon it to unleash his inner demon. Eventually, Hyde grows so strong that
Jekyll becomes reliant on the potion to stay conscious.”

Magic potion…

The number one artist on your list to do a world tour with?
ALEK: “Iggy Pop! I bet his stories are great. He’s one of the last dinosaurs unfortunately. If Lux were still alive, we’d pick The Cramps. They’re nuts! Of course there’s always: Thee Oh Sees, The Blind Shake, Sleaford Mods, The Magnetix, Ty Segall, Oblivians, Black Lips.. and they’re not dead yet!”

“C’mon, Alek, try this for starters…”

If you could travel in time what artist would you jam with?
THE GLÜCKS: “That’s a tough question. Lemmy, The Sonics, Jay Reatard, Bowie, Zappa, Moon, The Stones, Django, Poison Ivy, Tom Waits, Dee Dee, Janis, Jimi, Manzarek, Sabbath, Link Wray, Trent Reznor. Even Liszt would be awesome, take your pick…”

Which album do you want to play when visiting the moon?
ALEK: “There’s no sound on the moon though, right? The soundtrack to Italian horror movie Suspiria by Goblin would be great, haha. Some Alien Sex Fiend . Or Trip To The Moon from that 1902 French black-and-white silent science fiction film.”

For your creepy party… on the moon

Vinyl or compact disk?
ALEK: “I like my vinyl at home but in the car I prefer cd’s, although cd’s break, get lost and
are also used for other purposes. But you can drown yourself in a vinyl with great artwork. Gatefolds reign supreme. It’s a pity that artists do not release ‘gatefolds’ anymore or even
an insert…”

The White Stripes or Blood Red Shoes?
THE GLÜCKS: “The White Stripes because it’s raw, pure, passionate, wild, simple
and effective.”

Social media: a blessing or a pain in the ass?
THE GLÜCKS: “Pain in the ass. On the other hand… the internet is a blessing.”

Bonnie & Clyde or Mulder & Scully?
THE GLÜCKS: “BONNIE and CLYDE! Because they did what they wanted.
They made their own choices, or at least believed they did.”

Original garage trashers….

Is playing in a band actually the best job ever?
THE GLÜCKS: “If you really love something, it’s not actually a job. Doesn’t feel like one with us. When it ever does I guess it’s time to quit.”

What’s the band’s ultimate ambition, besides getting filthy rich?
THE GLÜCKS: “Same as we do every day, try to take over the world! Pinky and the brain, brain, brain. Or we will build a time machine and/or travel space, which would be fucking wild!”

Next step: world domination…

Thank you for the interview, Alek and Tina! May the road rise with The Glücks!
Here’s Youth On Stuff in full. There’s no other way than to play this very loud!…

THE GLÜCKS: Facebook –  Twitter


And now some spectacular after-sex to end this wild ride…

(all concert pics by JL)

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