Dolly Parton – All I Can Do (1976)

Dolly Parton is a goddess, and her 1976 record, All I Can Do, is one of my favorite albums ever.

A straightforward, excellent country & western album, All I Can Do rocks from start to finish, and blissfully was released before Dolly got heavy into synthesizers, saxophones and such.

The Fire That Keeps You Warm is my all-time favorite Dolly song. It’s sweet and powerful, soulful and up-lifting. It’s all good things at once. It’s a jam.

Right here I’ve posted just the first three tracks on the album, and I can’t imagine it hasn’t left you wanting more. Go find it cheap on vinyl in a used bin, or find the album online, and listen to the whole thing. It’ll keep you warm.

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Dacia Rivers

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