Dig the Shindig: Field Trip South Coming To Orlando!

Grab yer dancing shoes, boys and girls! Rock and Roll never died, but she’s dying to invade your carnal senses with a lineup to shake the sheets and inspire a wealth of dirty deeds! Field Trip South is coming next weekend to the humble, south-but-not-quite-southern city of Orlando, Florida.

Hometown of local garage rock heroes, The Woolly Bushmen and The Wildtones, the show is jam-packed with bands that run the entire rock and roll gamut. From fuzzy D.C. garage rockers, The Hall Monitors, to the lysergic psychedelia of Philly’s The Groovy Movies, the FTS line up is united by a singular purpose: to get your ass off the couch and out to drink, dance, groove like it’s the space age!

Headlining the show on Friday night is underground rockabilly icon Deke Dickerson’s legendary band, Untamed Youth. They don’t make it this far south very often, so if you’re in the area, you’re not gonna want to miss out! And, to top it all off, Saturday night’s headliner, The Phantom Surfers, will be featuring members of The Mummies!!

The show will be happening down at Will’s Pub, a revered Orlando watering hole located just outside of the downtown area. Included with the price of a ticket is a complimentary record bag, fest button, exclusive fanzine, and a flexi featuring two unreleased cuts from The Bell Towers and The Improbables. SO. MUCH. FREE. STUFF!!!

Whether you’re a veteran fan of all things garage rock and psych or a casual curio looking for a good time, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend the weekend!

Feb 16 &17th



Pictured – (Top to Bottom: FTS flyer, Baby Shakes, Blind Owls, Phantom Surfers)

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